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Greater Boston Students Have a Voice

BIG is leading the way in building a strong student coalition to effectively advocate for the issues students care about. Our intercollegiate government is the voice of students not only in Greater Boston but across the Commonwealth. The over 130,000 students from more than 15 schools now have a collaborative network of student governments working together.

Represented by student leaders focused on addressing the student mental health crisis & making education more affordable for all! The work BIG does goes far beyond the initiatives we are currently working on. In each member school, student governments are dedicating their resources to Diversity, Inclusion, Student Participation, Civic Engagement, and more. The collaborative environment BIG has created fosters innovation and effectiveness. We use this space to craft bold solutions with extensive research and determination to implement these policies at our schools and statewide.

In a region with so many college students, there is strength in numbers. The Boston Intercollegiate Government recognizes this and is harnessing the power of each member school to create a lasting impact. I’m excited to see the great things that will come from our work and advocacy!

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