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Student Loans

I joined BIG to work with students throughout the Greater Boston area to facilitate change that helps all university students; to work with students from various backgrounds and with distinct focuses and goals; to contribute to the Boston community in a meaningful way.

I am proud to sat that through the Governmental Affairs Student Loans Working Group we are accomplishing just that. Together, we have worked to identify multiple issue areas within the broader student loans crisis that we hope to address through bipartisan policy and collaboration.

Currently, we focus on identifying policy solutions to predatory student loans and expanding tax incentives for college savings. The former aims to address one of the critical issues contributing to the modern student loans crisis. Predatory lending results in high default rates and impedes loan recipients from becoming debt free. The latter emphasis aims to curb the exacerbation of the student loans crisis by incentivizing families in Massachusetts to save earlier and more often, a critical change as the cost of college continues to rise.

The BIG’s Governmental Affairs Student Loans Working Group continuously surprises me with their commitment to leaving the world—and more specifically Massachusetts student loans policy and resources—better than they found it. BIG connected me with a group of likeminded individuals and facilitated our collaboration on a problem that deeply matters to us all.

In the future, I hope BIG’s Governmental Affairs Student Loans Working Group is able to continue the work we started this past semester while continuing to emphasize bipartisanship, discourse, and collaboration. I have no doubt BIG will continue to bring together diverse, formidable, and bright minds that will continue to work on the issues most impacting the student’s at their colleges and beyond.

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