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Check out a few of the projects BIG is currently working on!

MBTA University Pass
 Student Affairs is currently working on revising the MBTA University Pass program in order to provide GBA (Greater Boston-Area) students with greater access to the MBTA subway and bus system who may not be able to afford paying for a Semester Pass through their university and the T. The university will be able to provide students with unlimited access to rides and will only be billed based on the amount of rides each student takes. We hope that this pilot revision of this program will allow the program to launch fully and provide students with better public transportation in the GBA!

Resources Booklet

Academic Affairs is currently working on publishing a booklet of all BIG-represented institution, providing students with information regarding all majors, minors, and clubs supported at their specific college/university. With these resources, these students can see how different institutions conduct their programs and begin advocating for the expansion of new major/minor programs or new clubs that will support the academic body. 

BIG Spotlight

Internal Affairs is working on making Instagram posts that allows the greater public to see who the voting representatives are at each institution and therefore allows communication between students and their elected voting representatives in order to bring new ideas and projects into committees or General Assembly. 

Financial Aid Support 

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) is currently working on making resources available for students who may have questions regarding asking for more financial aid from their specific institution or want to advocate for better transparency for how their college/university provides scholarships and aid to their students and ways that they can better support those who rely on said aid to achieve their degree. 

Want to contact BIG about an issue you think should be addressed?

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