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Established in 2021, the Alumni Advisory Council helps to maintain multi-year relationships between current and former BIG students. Members of the Advisory Council advise BIG on ongoing projects and help to expand BIG's network.

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Emmanuel College Representative

  • Member '20

  • Hometown: Fort Lauderdale, FL

  • BIG Committees: Public Relations (Director)

Brendan's favorite BIG moment: "I was approached by BU & NEU in the Fall of 2019 and loved how we were able to sit down and collaborate together and share about our respective schools. It was the goal of unification of the Greater Boston Area students that drew me to join BIG."

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Harvard College Representative

  • Member '20

  • Hometown: Hattiesburg, MS

  • BIG Committees: Governmental Affairs

Noah's favorite BIG moment: "The ability to meet other leaders in the area was something that was really appealing to me."

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Boston University Representative 

  • Member '20-'21

  • Hometown: Hattiesburg, MS

  • BIG Committees: Intercollegiate Affairs (Director)

Nyah's favorite BIG moment: "My favorite moment in BIG was actually hosting a mental health panel with professionals from different universities! It was the first event that the Intercollegiate Affairs committee put on, and it was so insightful. As the chair, I was really proud of the committee for helping to organize a great event! I can’t wait to see what they, and the rest of BIG, do in the future. 



UMass Boston Representative 

  • Member '20

  • Hometown: Braintree, MA

  • BIG Committees: Governmental Affairs (Director), Intercollegiate Affairs

Alexander's favorite BIG moment: "Initially I was made aware of BIG when I was trying to start an intercollegiate project regarding commuter students. As the COVID-19 pandemic began, I found that BIG was going to be a valuable resource for all of our schools in sharing information and representing student needs."

Pro Pic - Richard Li.jpeg


Northeastern University Non-voting Representative

  • Member '20

  • Hometown: Bay Area, California

  • BIG Committees: Governmental Affairs

Richard's favorite BIG moment: "Change in politics and government comes when people band together to amplify everyone's voice. BIG represents an opportunity for students and schools to work as an impactful coalition influencing how things are done in the Boston area. I joined BIG because I wanted to make an impact and because young people matter in the political process. They are a major constituency group and deserve a seat at the table when it comes to shaping our political, economic, and social environments."

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Wellesley College Representative 

  • Member '20-'21 & Former Secretary

  • Hometown: Broward County, Florida

  • BIG Committees: Public Relations

Tatiana's favorite BIG moment: "As a student at a school outside of the urban city of Boston, being a part of BIG genuinely helped to close that 12-mile gap. I’ll never forget my time in BIG, as it allowed me the chance to connect with students all across the GBA— and I plan to maintain those connection for years to come. Proud to be a part of the BIG alumni coalition! "



Northeastern University Representative 

  • Member '20-'21 & Former Vice Chair

  • Hometown: Union, New Jersey

  • BIG Committees: Governmental Affairs, Intercollegiate Affairs, Public Relations, Rules

Hannah's favorite BIG moment: "One of the best things about BIG is most definitely the students that are dedicating their time and energy to rectifying the problems on our campus and seeking community feedback on how we can build up the surrounding communities. More than just students, they are compassionate and engaged citizens. There is so much that the young adults of Boston are able to accomplish and it has been an honor to contribute to a space where they have been able to showcase their strengths and passions. I look forward to hearing about the work that BIG is able to accomplish in whatever capacity that future leaders deem fit for the coalition as well as the future achievements of the students within BIG."

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Bentley University Representative 

  • Member '20-'21 

  • Hometown: Branford, Connecticut

  • BIG Committees: Governmental Affairs, COVID-19 (ad-hoc)

Bobby's favorite BIG moment: "Getting to meet, work with, and learn from my brilliant peers of surrounding institutions."

Perrault_Laura_Headshot - Laura Perrault


Boston College Representative 

  • Member '20-'21

  • Hometown: Salem, New Hampshire

  • BIG Committees: Rules (Director), Governmental Affairs, Intercollegiate Affairs

Laura's favorite BIG moment: "I was drawn to BIG because there were initiatives that I was working on within the BC community that applied to the Greater Boston Area and the other universities that it encompasses, and BIG was the perfect opportunity to collaborate with other students to advocate for these important changes"

Screen Shot 2021-07-04 at 3.38.23 PM.png


Northeastern University Non-voting Representative 

  • Member '20

  • Hometown: Centerville, VA  and Los Angeles, CA

Why Josh joined BIG: "I joined BIG because there are so many policy issues that need to be dealt with such as climate change and sustainability, domestic violence and bigotry, and socioeconomic inequalities; all of which affect both college students and the local communities. Yet the issues we face are too big and too important to be handled by one Student Government. Therefore, by coalescing the various student governments together, we are able to have a greater impact on our society through various means of collaborations between academic institutions, college students, and the local, state, and federal governments."

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