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Project Tracker

Check out official initative updates from our 5 BIG Committees: Academic Affairs, Internal Affairs, Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion (EDI), Policy, and Student Affairs.

Academic Affairs

Progress of project:

Statement in development. 

Working on what statement should contain, will finalize before end of winter session.

ACADEMIC (3).png

Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion

Progress of project:

Video is being edited and will be released at next GA. 

EDI.FULL (2).png

Student Affairs

Progress of project:

In talks with the MBTA's Director of Fare Programs and Strategy and Deputy Director of Institutional Fares.

Looking for 5 partner institutions to support pilot program and start said pilot by next academic year.

May write opinion article for Boston Globe. 

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Internal Affairs

Progress of project:

Website is currently being redesigned and updated with new information! 

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Progress of project:

Working with state legislative offices to expand paid internships in the state government, extend the Primary Beneficiary Test to the public sector, and extend sexual harassment and discrimination protections to unpaid internships.

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